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The Perfect Blend of Teamwork and Technology

The role of the individual in complex systems is gaining attention as organizational errors become costly and can negatively impact the organization. Recent research has highlighted that these errors take place in a context that involves the machine, the organization, and the individual.

My work serves to map how these errors can occur given the human factor and the technique the individual uses to solve problems and the knowledge that is gained working in teams.


The outcome is an organizational understanding of how errors can occur, the knowledge-base of the team in solving errors that occur, and a set of tools and techniques that the organization can use to continuously improve.

Cher Nicholas

Cher Nicholas earned her Doctorate in Industrial Engineering specializing in Human Factors, Psychology, and Human Error from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016. Her multidisciplinary research was conducted in a healthcare environment and studied the impact of interruptions and distractions on human performance. Her research included developing error mitigation techniques and decision-making theories. Her master’s degree work focused on optimizing a manufacturing filling operation using Design of Experiments (DOE) and resulted in significant cost savings.

She has four professional certifications from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and a professional certification from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) as a Master Lean Practitioner. Her experiences include implementing ISO 9000 in two different organizations, creating a Lean program for a Federal agency, and analyzing complex systems problems using cognitive engineering techniques such as Task Analysis and Cognitive Task Analysis among many other engineering-based tools.


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