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Organizational improvement through Tech-TeamWorks

Today’s focus on operational excellence requires a systems perspective focused on quality, analysis and the role of teams. I will work with you and your teams to identify the quality tool, method, and type of analysis to solve your specific problem set. I bring a Human Factors perspective that understands the human-machine-systems interaction that is often overlooked in identifying solutions.

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PLAN - DO - ACT - CHECK….effective, continuous improvement depends on the ability of managers to ensure that everyone becomes actively involved in improving performance, working effectively in teams to analyse processes, investigate problems, create a plan and implement solutions.

Creating the framework for continuous improvement

There are many quality tools, methods, and types of analysis in the field today.  They can provide information, knowledge, and direction for your business, but not all of these tools might be right for your specific problem.  I will work with you and your teams to identify the best tool to tackle your improvement objective.

Teamwork creates successful performance improvement

Performance improvement can only be achieved by improving the processes within the organization. Processes are designed and operated by people so the best way to improve performance, is to work with those that really understand how it works to make it run better and more profitable.

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