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Creating the Framework for Continuous Improvement

Lean Improvement Methods

Lean is a process improvement tool that can add value to any part of the organization. It is not just for manufacturing. Lean provides a focus on improvement, standardization and sustainability and fosters a team culture for creativity and communication.  

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Certain problems require an in-depth analysis to resolve. FMEA brings your teams together to identify problems, risks, hazards, and solutions to those problems. Action and control plans follow from identification of this work to ensure that the organization can communicate the solution to the customer.

Cost of Quality

Cost of poor quality impacts not just production but the entire organization. Cost of quality should be called ‘Bottom-line’ quality because that is where it hits. I will help you analyze these costs and measure where external failure costs, internal failures are hitting your bottom-line and how preventive and appraisal costs can turn the tide with a pro-active direction.

Data Overload?

Too much data, not enough information? We live in a data-collection world, but too often we don’t use what we collect. My approach is to “Let the data set speak.”  I start with “human-friendly” analysis using histograms, compare charts and statistical tools to enable a factual approach to decision making.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma helps you measure the defects and failures in your problem space. It is a statistical approach to problem solving. It is not difficult to learn and can provide a means of team communication so every understands the impact of a quality failure.

Cognitive Engineering

Problem solving is a hallmark of engineering, but is there an understanding of how problems are solved in your organizations?  Are there some individuals who seem to solve problems quicker with less down time?  Individuals possess problem solving techniques which can be unspoken, yet understanding these problem-solving techniques can support other team members to gain more knowledge to efficiently solve problems. Cognitive engineering is not a new science, but one that is quickly being embraced by organizations to improve decision-making, knowledge, and team communication.  

Design of Experiments

Structured statistical approach to problem solving. Design of Experiments are on-line or off-line tests that can isolate what component, equipment, or material is the source of the problem.

Systems Thinking and the Process Approach

Sometimes we see operations as isolated units but all pieces of the operation, service or production are connected. I can map out the up-stream and down-stream processes and help you organization identify the quality influence of one part of the process to another. It is all about efficiency and each element needs to perform well for the whole systems to meet organizational goals.  

Additional Quality Tools:

TeamWorks provides consultation, application, and training through the use of one-on-one, group settings and/or one-time training.

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Creating organizational improvement through TeamWorks

Using pro-active improvement analysis, I help you to identify the reactive areas and find the solutions that fit your individual business. needs.

Customized for your specific business needs

There are many quality tools, methods, and types of analysis in the field today.  They provide information, knowledge, and direction but not all of these tools might be right for your specific problem.  I will work with you and your teams to identify the best tool to tackle your improvement objective.

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